Jeffy hates green beans likes to spank his diaper wears a helmet on top of his head had a fish named pee pee suck and a hamster named pee pee suck 2 his daddy's the tooth fairy and he loves his cat piano
Jeffy stop it
by Matt saber April 12, 2017
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Jeffy hates his green beans. His foster parents are Mario and Rosalina but, his real mom is a drug addict and his dad was a famous painter who died and gave Jeffy 1,000,000 dollars. Jeffys favorite toy is his cat piano but, Mario ate it. Jeffys favorite song is Hop Hop.
Mario: Jeffy eat your green beans

Jeffy: no daddy I don't wanna eat my green beans
Mario: you have to Jeffy
Jeffy: *Throws green beans at the wall*
by Sith_the_sloth June 29, 2017
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A retarded puppet who beats his diper and has a pencil up his nose and he sticks his pee pee in some Cheerios
You are so Jeffy
by Jeffy201 October 5, 2017
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a retarted puppet who hates green beans and likes to hump cheerios and has a pencil up his nose
jeffy : he's a retard and likes his pee pee up his cheerios
by warrior 4567 January 16, 2018
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A lovable harmless goof, you can control, and who is at the mercy of your whims, who is available to you sexually, emotionally and financially, at any moment of the day.
I was feeling so lonely after my boyfriend dumped me, I felt unttractive, unwanted and broke. So I called my friend Steve, who is a totally "Jeffy", to take me out, listen to my problems and pay for me. Although he gets very aggressive at the end of the night and I feel, given the opporuntity he would rape me, I still feel safe around him.
by Alan S. April 21, 2008
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Jeffy is a character on the youtube channel SuperMarioLogan. He is a puppet that has helped grow his channel and is a very popular character among kids between the ages of 9-12. Jeffy has not only attracted a positive fanbase but also a negative. Jeffy is known for smacking his diaper, having a bicycle helmet on and a pencil in his nose. He hates eating green beans and curses a lot.
Did you see the new Jeffy video?

by t series < pewdiepie October 31, 2018
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The single greatest human being alive. Always on Omegle or ChatRoulette, a sweetie all around, but kinda goofy and obsessed with sex. Has troubles answering his phone, or Skype. Very easy to love, very very hot, and someone you never wanna let go of. Don't ever lose your Jeffy or you'll lose your heart. <3
My god, did you talk to Jeffy last night on Skype?

Yeah, but he didn't answer until the third time.
by SomeSwagOrSomething September 1, 2010
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