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Vapos is the name of a spell created by fat, Texan wizards whom are capable of warping into other dimensions and decomposing one's cellular structure by simply stating the word, 'VAPOS!'. The wizards are people who generally like to look at photos of young asian boys and create spells that involve nuclear bonds, bio-electrical connections, possibly the destruction of individual neurons and pathways within the brain, and other shit that people do not care about. Because of this, it has been confirmed to be a term to describe stupid events.
Wizard: "Hey man, want to see my new spell? x"
Other Guy: "Uh... Sure?"
Wizard: "VAPOS lmfao xD"
Other Guy: - Decomposes -
by setsu February 25, 2010
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Vapo is a slang term for vaporize. It is just a shortened form of the word.
I'm about to go vapo this sticky-icky.
by Ami Z March 16, 2006
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{noun} Short form of vapourizer (vaporizer {US}, vapouriser {UK}). A device that heats a substance (primarily cannabis) to the point that all desired chemical components of that substance are in a gaseous state, so that they may be inhaled.

{verb} vape, vaping, vaped
Ex. I would have bought a vapo by now, but the ones worth owning are too expensive.

Ex. If my physician knew what a vapo was, she'd tell me to use one so I don't get lung cancer.
by Leroy Brown 420 February 04, 2009
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