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the tendancy of people to settle in areas with large open spaces and fertile ground, resulting in overpopulation and, over thousands of years, promoting violence and political destabilisation which leads to unstable and warlike nations whos historys are peppered with coups, rebellions and violence ... as in the case of a large part of africa and the middle east
the afghani spetting has resulted in the current violent political systems and warlords that the americans are now attempting to interfere with
by RadiaTim January 28, 2009
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to cum into a woman's eye and blind her for atleast 24 hours
Tom: hey did you see that slut becky walking around today?
Lary: yah it looked like she got spet in the eye last night!
by Jake121443 April 28, 2008
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The use of an improper derogatory or sexist comment when in the presence of a woman.
"I can't believe you just asked her what she is willing to do in bed for $100. That was SO spets..."
by Kyle1337 September 19, 2008
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