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1. (In the US) 0.473 liters (16 fluid ounces) of a liquid, typically draft beer.

2. (In the UK) 0.568 litres (20 fluid ounces) of a liquid, typically draught beer.

3. (Metric - everywhere else in the world other than UK/US) Exactly half a litre (or 500mL, 2 cups, 18 fluid ounces, etc.) of any liquid, most notably beer.
Man (walks into a bar in Toronto): I'll have a pint of Guiness.

Bartender: One pint of Guiness, coming up.

Man: So a pint is 375 mL, right?

Bartender: No sir, its 500mL.

Man: Well I'll be damned. But it's 12 ounces right?

Bartender: No sir, its 18 fluid ounces.

Man: Damn, I'll have to stop getting my facts from urbandictionary.com

Bartender: Well actually, I'm a psychic, and I'm having a vision of some valiant soul deciding to post a proper definition of the word "pint" as it refers to drinking. So don't worry, keep on urbandicking!

Man: Urbandicking? I'll have to look that one up.

Bartender: Well if its not self-explanatory then you're an idiot.

Man: Just give me the goddamn pint.
by Leroy Brown 420 January 31, 2009

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1. Presumably, the leader of the terrifying female bird-monsters of Greek mythology.

2. Ann Coulter.
I loathe Ann Coulter; she truly is the Queen of the Harpies. In all honesty though, I'd probably do her. Even though she's a cold blooded slanderous whore, she's still pretty hot and it would be a wicked hatefuck.
by Leroy Brown 420 February 04, 2009

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Acronym for porn torrent syndrome; refers to the tendency for the download speeds of pornographic video torrents to slow down immensely when the download is almost finished.
The reason for this is a cyclical phenomenon: When people download these kinds of videos, they often watch them when they are only 90-95% complete (whenever the final orgasm occurs), because the remaining 5-10% takes so long and they don't want to wait. But since they watch it and it is "used up" before the download is complete, they then delete the video. Therefore, the internet is full of transient peers that only have the incomplete file for a temporary time, making it almost impossible to download the entire video. This is comparable to waiting for a few moles of a radioactive substance with half-life of 3 days to fully decompose - which, theoretically, never happens.
Jill really wanted to see the final 3 minutes of a lesbian fisting video she was previewing, but her torrent client was giving an estimate of 3 years, 23 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, 11 seconds until the download would complete. "Damn this PTS" she thought to her horny self.
by Leroy Brown 420 February 18, 2009

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A specific demographic group, those aged 20-29. Often Obama supporters (regardless of the country they live in), heavy drinkers, users of urbandictionary.com (and the souce of all the worthwhile-to-read definitions, as opposed to the adolescents that write the unfunny definitions that either profess their love for a gf/bf or proclaim their hatred of a schoolmate), students, servers, bartenders, clubgoers, in massive debt yet still optimistic, and believe that they can change the world if they just work together (until they reach the threshold age of 30, when 98% people realize the futility of their causes).
The author of this UD definition belongs to twenty-somethings demographic.

The courageous protesters at Tiananmen Square were mostly twenty-somethings.
by Leroy Brown 420 February 04, 2009

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A derogatory nickname for the fast food mega-corporation McDonald's, the restaurant where you can buy a hamburger that contains more salt than you should consume in a week and enough calories to fuel an entire day. Since millions of people have been waking up to the reality that McDonald's food is not fit for human consumption, the company now thrives off of option-starved nighthawks, creating a near monopoly in the after 10-pm food market. It's primary customers now are evening shift workers (and bartenders as well as other service industry workers), drunks coming from the bars at 2 am (in the drive-through, no less). In other words, people who are so hungry and tired, or drunk and stupid that they are practically forced to consume this edible garbage.
Stoner 1 (out of towner) - Where can we get some food around here after our 4:20 session?

Stoner 2 (local) - 7/11 or DickDonald's. Sucks balls, eh?
by Leroy Brown 420 January 30, 2009

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A derogatory nickname for the Pepsi-owned fast food chain, Taco Bell; inspired by the repulsive, cheese-like scent of the fungus (Candida albicans) which flourishes under the foreskin of an unkempt, uncircumcised penis (and in the vagina of women with yeast infections).
Fuck that, I'm not eating at Cockmold Smell - I'd rather fuck your Canesten-using mom.
by Leroy Brown 420 January 30, 2009

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1. A gasoline-powered cleaning device, that sprays highly pressurized water.

2. When a human male uses his stream of urination to clean (in a sense) the toilet bowl, usually in an attempt to dislodge feces stuck on the upper part of the bowl, above the water line.
1. Pressure washers are great for cleaning your driveway.

2. I took a ginormous dump yesterday; I had to drink a 12 pack to fuel my pressure washer and blast all that shit off the porcelain.
by Leroy Brown 420 February 06, 2009

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