cool shoes that look good.
it is so popular right now! instyle(:
person: ooh what shoes are those?
me: vans(:
person: they look SO cool. i want one!
where did you get it. *puppy eyes*
me: *smiles and walks away* :D
by iamAWESOME(: August 19, 2006
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1.)The only way I can stay on my CRAPPy SKATE BOARD because the DAMN GRAIN covers only HALF the fruity tooty deck because my DUMB ASS little cousin found sandpaper.

2.) Their slip ons made checkerboards overly worn and used

3.) If a tornado blows through your house make sure you're wearing these
Shit man. Who leaves sand paper in reach of an evil five year old? I can't even do a grind without my Vans.
Random chick?: Oh my ga-
Crazy Person: YES!! WE FREAKING KNOW! Checkerboards whoopidy doo! IT's OVER.
by HEY! IT'S CHEESE!! July 19, 2008
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The worst brand EVER that SOME PPL wear EVERYDAY and it looks like SHIT
PS : don't wear it ANYMORE
" I hate Vans "
by tchoupi February 03, 2020
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Man, Brian picked up that chick with his bed on wheels
by aly December 19, 2002
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A auto Mobile that carries more then 8 people in it
look at that van. taht van holds 10 people in it
by lola12345 December 27, 2005
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A really cute teenage girl who is generally looked at as an adorable little sister. She is smart, pretty, funny, and an absolute doll. She usually is very nice to everyone, and it's very hard to cross her. She loves to read and play games. She is also innocent and sweet.
guy1: hey should I ask Van out?
guy2: no way bro, if you make her sad the world will hate you.
guy1: your right, I'll just love her as my sister.
by hot cross buns January 24, 2012
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Cheap plain skater shoes. Stop saying they have tons of designs. The only designs are the bottom of the shoe which is usually white, and the whites laces. And other Vans have the tip of the shoe colored or some ugly line by the ankle. They're simply just like Converse except they're missing the gay white tip. Most people say they last a lifetime only because those people don't probably skateboard or even doing anything. of course they last a life time they're for going out not for soccer or something athletic.
Vans are white trash sneakers that should be for pedophiles bringing their victims to their vans. You're not cool just because you wear the same brand of Lil Wayne, do you really want to follow a rapper with a voice that belongs in a cartoon and is too high to even notice what hes wearing?
White Trash:Dude you just stepped on my new Vans. Gosh im trying to be cool.
Normal Person: Go fuck yourself
by Soccer Shifty August 21, 2012
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