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"The fourth wall" is the wall that separates fictional worlds from reality, so breaking the fourth wall is basically saying that you know that there's another universe outside of the fictional one.
Deadpool does this alot
Deadpool: "A message to all the kids out there, cover your eyes if ya don't wanna be scarred for life, eh?" (shoots someone)
Me: Quit breaking the fourth wall, dude
by Lolliepuff December 26, 2014
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a book that people (mainly females) put nasty things about others in
Kylie: OMG!!!!! I fucking hate Jessica so fucking much cuz she slpet with mah bae Kyle!
Sarah: Put it in the burn book.
by Lolliepuff February 15, 2015
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The thing pedophiles use to lure kids like poor Timmy.
"Hey kiddos i got some candy in my van"
by Lolliepuff December 1, 2014
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