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The most perfect guy in the world.

Rudolph people are very talented: Can sing, dance, and act. A person who has a very caring nature, with good sense of humor, good looking, humble, hard-working, generous, and one who puts you as a number one priority. Very rare in personality and looks, a Rudolph is a keeper, especially in relationships.
I will always treasure my Rudolph.
by SingMeALullaby June 02, 2010
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Noun: The result of sucking on a partners nose until it turns into a hickey.
Verb:The act of sucking on a partners nose until it turns into a hickey. (To give a Rudolph)
"I saw Sarah last night."
"I couldn't tell by the Rudolph she gave you man."
by Ian_The_Dorman November 19, 2011
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A German last name which is the worst last name to have growing up. It brings upon countless jokes that are completely unoriginal and totally expected. It's even worse as a first name, never name your child Rudolph unless you absolutely hate them.
"Hey! You're last name is Rudolph! You must be part reindeer right?"
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when a man sticks his nose up a girls pussy when she is on her period, and he gets blood on his nose.
"Ryan, what's that on your nose? You totally rudolph-ed her tonight!!"
by Dems December 02, 2007
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When your doing 69 with a girl and you eat her pussy while penetrating her asshole with the tip of your nose
I'm such a dirty mother fucker, i just want to rudolph a bitch.
by mustachemadness October 28, 2009
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A sex act in which a man/woman gives a rim job to a woman that is menstrating, giving the rim jobber a red nose and brown mouth. Looking much like the classic claymated Rudolph.
Quick baby! I'm flowing like the Red Sea over here! Start giving me a Rudolph and don't come up till Christmas!
by Rusty Waters June 22, 2011
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as your fucking a girl from behind and she is on her period smear the period blood on her nose and and continue fucking her
by Zak Stapleton November 26, 2006
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