Noun: The result of sucking on a partners nose until it turns into a hickey.
Verb:The act of sucking on a partners nose until it turns into a hickey. (To give a Rudolph)
"I saw Sarah last night."
"I couldn't tell by the Rudolph she gave you man."
by Ian_The_Dorman November 19, 2011
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A German last name which is the worst last name to have growing up. It brings upon countless jokes that are completely unoriginal and totally expected. It's even worse as a first name, never name your child Rudolph unless you absolutely hate them.
"Hey! You're last name is Rudolph! You must be part reindeer right?"
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When your doing 69 with a girl and you eat her pussy while penetrating her asshole with the tip of your nose
I'm such a dirty mother fucker, i just want to rudolph a bitch.
by mustachemadness October 29, 2009
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In a bad day, an angry drunk unicorn with sub standards for alcohol selection.

Any other day, a chilled (but still drunk) unicorn with very low standards for choices of alcohol.
“You dumb idiots! Stop using commas or I’ll Rudolph the heck outta you!”

Wooo, techy techy chilled Rudolph”
by ButterAge November 26, 2019
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A sex act in which a man/woman gives a rim job to a woman that is menstrating, giving the rim jobber a red nose and brown mouth. Looking much like the classic claymated Rudolph.
Quick baby! I'm flowing like the Red Sea over here! Start giving me a Rudolph and don't come up till Christmas!
by Rusty Waters June 22, 2011
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Its The Best name in the world best of German love like u do like me usual definition would me (Rudolf) but where i greq up (in Latvia) there can be a joke like Rudolph Pudolph ur going to have (INSTER THE BAD POOP WORD HERE). so yeah its a mess for me and i hope to u all to support it and it means to have a great life and evrything.
Rudolph is great
by SS / Super Steve June 11, 2018
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(n)- an abnormally large and/or noticeable pimple located on the nose
Slowbunny... you haven't popped your Rudolph yet???... At least put some alcohol on that thing.
by king812 November 13, 2011
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