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A cold treat made of two soft cookies and ice cream in the middle.
Many people have enjoyed the sweet treat over decades.
Not to be used as a sex word, perverts.
My mom and I made ice cream sandwiches together. They taste very good.
by Freya-Chan March 31, 2010

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A glass thing that lights up. Thomas Edison created it. In some comics/cartoons when a person gets an idea a light bulb pops above their head.
A light bulb makes light.
by Freya-Chan April 01, 2010

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A switch that turns on a light bulb.
It was dark in the house so my mom turned on the light switch.
by Freya-Chan April 01, 2010

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A vampire is a demon that consumes blood. Vampires appear to be pale skinned and have dark hair. Some versions of vampires have fangs. They are told to be killed/paralyzed by stakes, can not cross large amounts of water, and must be invited in to come into a house. Many stories and movies have been inspired by vampires such as Dracula, Hellsing, Twilight, Vampire Kisses, Vampire Knight, and Vampire Diaries.
A vampire drinks blood.
by Freya-chan March 31, 2010

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