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A group of demons in human form who can shoot lasers out of their eyes that attract stupid males. A scantily-dressed crime against evolution, the leader of whom (Kim Kardashian) deserves to be shot several times and then kept alive on her own ground-up organs.
GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Run! It's the Kardashians! Run in the name of originality!
by SilawenGreenleaf June 26, 2011

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A slash fanfiction involving twins in a romantic and/or sexual relationship. Many fans find this an abomination.
Some Noteworthy Categories of Twincest Fanfiction:
Fred and George from Harry Potter.

Rin and Yukio from Blue Exorcist.
by SilawenGreenleaf June 26, 2011

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1. A being that exists in FICTION. Usually nocturnal, most of the vampires created by literature in the twentieth centuries are rather BAMF, and a select few 21st century vampires carry the BAMF gene. If it sparkles, it's Emma Frost, you Twilight fancreeps.
2.There is a subculture made up of those who believe that they are actually vampires. Think of that what you will.
1. Dracula is the king of all vampires, and Edward Cullen is the illegitimate child of Emma frost and a mildew spore.

2. Julia is now calling herself Hekate and drinking 'blood'. She insists that she is a vampire.
by SilawenGreenleaf July 02, 2011

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A mopey, brooding, pathetic manga/anime about vampires and humans. Very similar to Twilight, but creepier, with the whole incest thing. So why can't I stop reading it?
Vampire Knight= creepy, but addictive.
by SilawenGreenleaf August 14, 2011

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