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The inability to sleep like regular individuals. As much as you tell yourself you’ll sleep that night, your mind just won’t shut down. Medications won’t work, meditation helps. (It’s all in your little crazy head.)

Insomniac: FUCK! It’s 3 am.. Oh well.. looks like I won’t be sleeping. *Grabs phone, Clicks on Pornhub Video*
Fuck yeah.
Friend: "I slept like a baby last night! Love how I can sleep 8 hours errr’night. How’d you sleep?

You: Go lick my butthole. I have insomnia you dick.
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by Petiteone September 14, 2018
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A common health problem characterised by difficulty in either falling or staying asleep. It can occur on its own (primary) or as a result of another medical disorder, such as depression (secondary).
Insomnia can be debilitating.
by Doc_B April 16, 2015
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The state of sleep loss. No matter how much you desire dreamland, it refuses you entry. You stand at the gates, whining, crying, but stuck in the world of buzzing activity.
Person A: "I had a lovely night sleep. How 'bout you?"

Person B: "I have insomnia. Go fuck yourself."
by BeFunnyGrace November 26, 2003
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The worst thing...ever.
I've had it my whole life.
It's where you try to sleep but it just won't happen.
You try counting backward you try EVERYTYING..
You just don't sleep.
Hence, me sitting here at 2:00 am when I have to wake up in 4 hours.

Elise:Hey Lauren, how was your night?
Lauren:It sucked..I have insomnia so I couldn't sleep
Elise:haha sucks for you
Lauren:*Punches elise in the face*
by kill_me_already April 13, 2008
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when little demons keep poking your brain with little pokey things to make damn sure you cant sleep
by mouse_347 August 21, 2007
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The best music ever, better then anything else you have heard. Its composed so well it will make you shit you self.
"what music do you listen to?"
"Insomnium bitch"
by yourmumlikesmyd May 08, 2009
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