Any one of the idiotic "vampires" of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. In her clumsily written stories, instead of bursting into flames in sunlight, the vampires just shimmer and sparkle. How retarded is that?
"Anne Rice?? Who's that? I won't read any books that don't have sparklepires in it!!!1 Also, I'm illiterate."
by TabbyStrayer December 12, 2008
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Noun- 1. A wussified imitation of a vampire who has a strong liking for The Cure and melodramatic moping. They are characterized by refusal to drink human blood, being emotional pansies, being whiny and flighty and despite being ancient have the intelectual capacity and emotional makeup of a 12 year old girl. Most notably instead of doing something cool and dramatic like bursting into flames or turning to ash in sunlight they sparkle. More closely related to Faeries and ButtPixies than vampires.

2. any emo Edward Cullen wannabe surburbanite who tries to pull off the "angsty goth" look with clothes they bought at target.
1. "I know what you are. you're a-"
"Say it"
"you're a.. sparklepire
2. "Omg did you see that guy with all the makeup sitting by himself in the corner?"
"I know. Total sparklepire."
by omgWhatABilf February 3, 2010
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