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A finer word for a woman’s nether regions
“I just crashed my bike, my vajay hurts real bad
by Le Hobit March 22, 2019
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One who is being very "uncool"
Man, you are being a real Vajay tonight.
by Louis XIV June 18, 2006
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The equivalent of a "cock block" for the female sex.
Often performed by room mates with terrible timing, other woman, or that bitch that stole your man even after discussing the "Hoe Code".
So there we were getting hot and heavy on the couch, when Tiffany walked in a Vajay Belayed me.

I called dibs and began making eyes with him, until Megan stepped in and Vajay Belayed me.
by Cats Pajamas2 October 5, 2011
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a somewhat more sophisticated way to call someone a douchbag.

Contrived from vajay (slang for vagina) and bidet (an apparatus used for cleaning one's backside. often found in Europe)
Kanye West is a vajay bidet
by sdh7444 September 28, 2009
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Lets go to the strip club and see some T, A, and Vajay
by Squeech November 14, 2007
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when someone is acting beyond gay, a total ass
"yo shut up you're being a real vajay-gay right now!"
by gaigaize December 24, 2016
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A substitute for the term asshole (ay-hole) that often implies femininity.
Gina: If you don't know why I am mad, then I'm not telling you.

Peter: Why are you being such a vajay-hole? Just tell me and I'll apologize for it.
by President E March 4, 2012
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