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Something that is created in a way that feels artificial and unrealistic, as apposed to something that arises spontaneously through nature.
Waluigi was only created for the purposes of giving Wario a Tennis Partner; He only exists to be Roster Filler. Contrived because he wasn't created organically through the creators own passion.
by DeScRiPtOr92584 August 19, 2018
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Something produced to look "all new" and shit but having the same content and atmosphere about it. These things are but are not limited to: actors, comedians, designers, TV shows, music, toys, appearance, sexual activity, even so much as a state of mind.
" I don't know, man...everything in our culture in this day and age is so contrived."

"pixar and dreamworks movies are very contrived"

"Hipsters actually are EXTREMELY contrived."
by Dystyl April 06, 2012
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