The act of vandalizing without remorse until you get caught and then start playing the ignorance card.
by Brown Sauce2010 June 1, 2011
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Relating to the vagina, usually referring to representations of the vagina; i.e. absence or the unknown.
DUDE, black holes are so vagallic!
by Timbodini & LaLa Drona September 27, 2009
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Pertaining to Vagus nerve (wondering nerve)
Billy took a dump and overexerted his vagal causing him to pass-out on the shitter.
by Capn C October 29, 2007
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It comes from the words femme fatal and vagina.

1. A bitch whose vagina is so dry and tight, you swear it could rip your dick clean off.

2. A deadly vagina.

3. A vagina that should be either condemned or feature a warning sign.

4. Any vagina that is hazardous to your sexual health.

I really need to raise my standards. Last night I was fucking a bitch, and she had a total femme vagal. I'm lucky my dick is in one piece.
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The process of rotating your cars’ arrangement in a parking lot or driveway to utilize the most efficient ordering possible; this may be done to protect against door dings on your favorite vehicle when driving one of your other many vehicles, or so you can access a different vehicle which you plan to drive.
Hey, I’m coming over but I need to pull a vagal maneuver first so I don’t lose my favorite spot.
by Little hoon November 25, 2021
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