Vacation is when you leave your home for a time period to travel.

The abbreviation of vacation is "Vaca".
Hi Suzie, can you watch my pets while we go on our vacation?

Vacation is a time for relaxing.

My teens are so lazy now a days that they say "vaca" instead of "vacation"!
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A period of time in which an adult pretends that he/she is a child again and has no responsibilities to tend to, spends money like the world is ending, and relaxes. Vacation is usually followed by a period of financial instability, hundreds of emails, and depression from the lack of vacation.
I went on vacation, and now I need another vacation due to my lack of vacation.
by Burned Out March 30, 2010
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Vacation means NO gym, tons of coffee and lots of kisses.
Wanna go to the gym?
No, man, I'm on vacation. :)
by KellBellThatsMe March 26, 2009
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To get high on drugs. Usually a word dealers will use
Hey hey, you need a vacation? I got some K and yay.
by fukin_eh November 1, 2008
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Vacation; a term that means taking off work only to help your parents with seemingly endless tasks. Usually ends with going back to work to catch up on sleep.
I thought vacations were fun till my parents handed me a shovel and told me to have fun.
by Coffeenotworking April 11, 2016
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Leaving the Walmart parking lot where you live to enjoy the open air under the freeway bridge.
On vacation I missed the convenience of the bathroom facilities where I live.
by Marine bcb November 18, 2016
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