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Short for vacation. Pronounced: vay-kay
Dustin: Hey Greg how was your vaca?
Greg: It was great, didn't you see Kassy's vaca album on facebook?
by firehotstud07 March 21, 2008
Spanish word for "cow"
La vaca escapo del coral!!
(The cow escaped the coral!!)
by AlAmanecerDestruireTuGloria April 20, 2007
means cow, fat woman or bitch
you bitch
sua vaca

this is a cow
isso é uma vaca
by superhiperamazing August 15, 2010
Pronounced "vah-kah".
1) Refers to the town Vacaville, in Northern California, which contains not much of note besides two prisons.
2) common misspelling of the word vacay, a shortening of vacation.
Facebook post: "Whoo-hoo, it's Friday! Vaca this weekend!!"
Comment: "Which prison are you going to?"
by Word Crimes August 06, 2014
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