The Spanish word for cow
Not to be confused with Baka the Japanese word for fool
by Sussy Vaca June 15, 2021
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I would love to go on a vaca over spring break!

Jessica, how was your vaca last summer?
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Pronounced "vah-kah".
1) Refers to the town Vacaville, in Northern California, which contains not much of note besides two prisons.
2) common misspelling of the word vacay, a shortening of vacation.
Facebook post: "Whoo-hoo, it's Friday! Vaca this weekend!!"
Comment: "Which prison are you going to?"
by Word Crimes August 06, 2014
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Dustin: Hey Greg how was your vaca?
Greg: It was great, didn't you see Kassy's vaca album on facebook?
by firehotstud07 March 21, 2008
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means cow, fat woman or bitch
you bitch
sua vaca

this is a cow
isso é uma vaca
by superhiperamazing August 15, 2010
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when your significant other cheats on you while on vacation. in this case the cheater, usually does it out of lonliness for their partner. sometimes can be excused, but if the cheaters got a cell phone signal not excused. (phone sex IS still an option)once a cheater always a cheater though. tough stuff man
Gina- O my gosh on my vacation i hooked up with this guy
Nick- wow your a bitch you have a boyfriend
Gina- OO please don't tell him i went vaca-cheated on him..
Nick- fuck that shit
by Dreesey January 14, 2007
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