A "Virtual Youtuber". A person that streams and/or uploads videos to YouTube using, mostly, an anime avatar following their movements in real time. These avatars may be in 2D or 3D models.
Person 1: Damn bro you gotta check out these vtubers they're really entertaining
Person 2: You can't even speak japanese
by Terr4 July 8, 2020
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VTuber it is female or male animated characters (they are male IRL even if they have a female avatar)
slimu :that VTuber looks cute
person 2:thats a male IRL watch out
slimu :oh really? alright thanks for warning me I almost spent my life savings on him
by Lappland April 5, 2022
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A vtuber is a virtual YouTuber who is typically animated on the screen and voiced by the content creator. Many Vtubers are anime characters.
He's kinda shy so he became a vtuber.
by Edub517 August 27, 2018
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The reason I don't get any sleep, don't have any money, and don't have any social skills.
Most of the time an anime girl (or boy)
Many times from Hololive.
No mom, it IS a real person talking, they are called Vtubers.

Damn, I spent my life savings on these Vtubers and now I'm gonna die.
by Qr1ng3y January 27, 2021
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Someone who doesn't want to show their face on stream so they instead use an animated anime character that "talks" whenever they talk. It's a smart alternative rather than not showing their face at all (as it attracts more viewers).
User A: You should check out Insert streamer here, she has this totally cute anime character on-screen that talks whenever she talks! It's so cute!
User B: Oooo, sounds like you found a Vtuber!
User A: Vtuber? Didn't know they had a name.
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virtual youtuber that doesn't show their face
I like to watch the Vtuber uhh I forgot the name-
by this isnt sam April 22, 2021
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proof that anime girls (and boys) can be real
Person 1: Ha, you like anime girls, they aren't even real
Person 2: *shows video of a vtuber* You sure about that?
by A Local Idiot October 12, 2020
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