Over-reacting by saying that you are dying but are actually in alot of pain.
Girl who has been running alot says "I'm so tired! I'm gonna die!"
by Some guy who will flame you December 3, 2004
What you shout when you are riding a huge rollercoaster, just a second before it flies down with a speed of 150 km/h.
-Oh no... Oh no, here it comes... ahh...
*coaster starts rushing down*
I'm gonna die!!!!!!!!!!
by Urban_Fellow July 23, 2006
A line from the movie Despicable Me, which is becoming a viral status update throughout facebook.Its only purpose is to show that you saw the movie.
by Chocolate Lov3 July 12, 2010
When your tummy hurts a bit too much for a bit too long
Billie's stomach hurt a bit too much for a bit too long, she had I'm Gonna Fucking Die Disease
by lxstyourappeal May 13, 2021