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A limited edition import made by Japanese Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. The car was supposed to be Mitsubishis flagship entry into US market it had STANDARD equipment of 4ws (Four Wheel Steering, comething 99% of the cars STILL dont have, 4WD, ABS, turbocharged 2.0l engine, all leather interior, tons of little quirks, like dashboard that could change lights...). Only 3000 were ever imported into US. Most of the current owners of this vehicle tend to be severly anti "rice" and any sort of non engine mod is severily frowned upon by the VR4 community.
What has 4 doors, looks like a family sedan and pulls low 9-10s? VR4.
by mooogle February 10, 2005
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Also known as a pissed off Mercury Tracer, these turbo awd tanks are well known in the columbian underground as drug transport mobiles. Their power helps to ensure smooth getaways from trailing DEA agents, while their quadraphile owners enjoy the plush leather and trojan shift boot equipped interiors.
"Yo homes, what the ezekiel was that saloon?!? I think it was a pissed off Mercury Tracer."

"Damn my ninja, don't you know that was a V R Fo?"
by colin February 13, 2005
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slow ass cars made in japan, usually riced out beyond belief by the owner.
that vr4 ran a 15.9 where as that stock ass mini van ran a 15.7.
by eric March 10, 2004
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