A more tasteful substitute for "the N-word", used to show comraderie rather than feelings of racial inferiority.
by djxplicit April 20, 2005
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a more appropriate substitute for the common greeting "my nigga." It can be used by anyone without that person having to worry about offending anyone due to cultural or racial reasons.
whats up my ninja?
by dermanatural May 10, 2009
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Term of endearment to a friend. A salutation of sorts to friends.
What up my ninja!
Damn my ninja calm down.
by Adeate January 19, 2011
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Under cover way of saying"my nigga"
Usually used in sensitive racial settings and accepted by most races and mutually understood.
Wut u do last nite my ninja
by bruNiCC March 19, 2016
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An asian friend who sticks with you no matter how bad situations get. It's the asian version of "my nigga".
by MisterRickster October 31, 2011
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A word used by Arab high schoolers to secretly say the n word in front of black people.
by Bob213462213 September 5, 2019
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A trendy graphic tee design with a subtly racist message. "Strictly For My Ninjas" is a play on the title of Tupac Shakur's 1993 album "Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.", which contain many tracks emphasizing 2Pac's political and social views. Unfortunately, the mocking nature of the "ninjas" shirt is usually dismissed by the wearers, usually spoiled suburban kids, who are ignorant at best, or closet racists at worse. The subtle racism in the "Strictly For My Ninjas" shirts were even discussed at the University of Iowa's 2007 Obermann Center for Advanced Studies Symposium on Obscenity during a panel aptly titled "The N-Word".
People who wear the "Strictly For My Ninjas" tees think it's okay to make fun of African-American culture.
by D.L. Crosse April 10, 2007
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