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The lines you see after things have already moved from their previos state after consumption of too much alcohol and or too much drugs.

The burning glow of hot lead flying by from a gun.
Oh man im so messed up im seeing tracers.

Oh Shiznit that was so close I saw the tracer duck.
by E December 30, 2002
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A hero from the video-game "Overwatch." She is a badass character who has an awesome ability to speed up or slow down her own timeline.
She's also MY WIFE!!!
My Tracer could beat your Widowmaker (another Overwatch character) any day!
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by A nerdy geek April 02, 2017
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apparently what every girl wants to be
Susan: Did you hear?? Jennifers already tracer! ;(
Holly: NO FAIR!I wanna be tracer!
by YouREMumGey December 10, 2018
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the visual sensation of images seeming to have a trail behind them due to eat a lot of mushrooms.
dude, when i turn my head i get all sorts of these freaking sweet tracers, o my look at the unicorn!
by crazykarl April 28, 2008
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