australian built car, loved by muzza's

usually with a rego plate of something like.. JET-747, VL-JET, SIK-BT1..
bRo LoOk At My fUlLy SikK VL.. iTs gOt MoMo'z Re..

OmGz.. lOok aT dA iNtErcEptOrs On dA VL bRo.. lOoKs Sikk..
by Muzza747 July 06, 2004
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VL= Meaning Virgin Lips = meaning never been kissed =o
You're such a vl go make out with someone!
by NeiNei July 11, 2005
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13th Ward in New Orleans Louisiana. "Valence" (see where the V and the L is??)
some famous people from 13th ward VL..B.G. and his brother Hakim
by INfaMousgUrL2002 August 01, 2004
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(n.)Vagina Louge - The act of a naked woman pouring liquid (namely alcohol) down her body. The liquid runs between her breasts, down her stomach, off her vagina, and into the mouth of another person waiting below. The VL is best achieved using a chair for the woman to sit on.
Guy 1 "Did you hear I got a VL at the sorority house?"
Guy 2 "Awesome!"
Guy 1 "I think I have AIDS."
by B-Rat August 29, 2006
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oi panda u fucking retard i hope u are reading this. Vls are the best shaped car with the best imported engine. u suck. go fuck yourself.
omg i hit Panda wid ma vl, and i didnt leave any skid marks
by vl_turbz April 10, 2005
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A very ugly Australian built 4 door sedan. It is been driven by bogans and modified by them. Even after heaps of modifications it is still a VL and it still runs like Shit and it still look shit, and it still worth $2G.
1) Look at that dickhead driving the VL
2) The VL dickhead thinks he is so good
3) I beat a VL bye 6sec in 400m with my S2000
4) The VL is making so much sound but still going no where
5) My Buddy Club rims on my S2000 worth more than your VL
by Panda May 20, 2004
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