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To snog using tougue.
Boy: Hey there sexy wana winch?
Girl: Naw yer awryt.
Boy: Fine then bitch!
by huni buni November 13, 2005
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Alternative to MOGII, easier to pronounce.
The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
by sebasty September 04, 2014
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Winching is when you take a big poo poo and that hot steamy nugget of shit you produced has to be evaluated and measured in diameter, weight, and most of all, surface area.

We do not measure such a delicate life form in cm or in kg because it doesn't have the right definition to explain the hugeness of your poo.

Rumors say that the genus world record holder is Damian up at 69 winch.

But, only You can decide if that statement true or not. So next time you sit on the potty, Don't just flush it away. Winch it. WINCH IT HARD!!
"hey bro, you winch?"
"yeah mate. i have yet to beat 21"
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by Eddie Smurfy August 19, 2020
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An emo boy who has far overgrown and killed the trend. He lacks fashion sense and will take any excuse to dress up in women's clothing; he is secretly a drag queen. Though he claims to be straight, he shows signs of uncontrollable obsession towards his lady counterparts, to the point that a female individual may believe he just wants to be one of them.

When in an argument, the Winch often steals his enemies disses on account of he is too dysfunctionally retarded to invent his own. He lacks self confidence- he is extremely insecure and his sadness is overpowering. However, he compensates for his lack of self by creating an overbearingly cocky facade. Furthermore, once dissed, he takes the insult as a complement and replies with a "thanks ;D", or "lul i knoe you are! =D xD"

(Do not become a Winch. For if you do, your friends will hate you. Then you will claim that you got bored of them first, and they are just jealous because millions of people like you. The whole world will then deny liking you and you will be shot dead on the spot.)
Person 1: "Wow, lookit that ugly, lanky psalm tree!"
Person 2: "Golly, it's awfully comparable to a winch!"
Person 1: "How unfortunate... poor coconuts."
by h0m0s0cks May 13, 2010
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