To snog using tougue.
Boy: Hey there sexy wana winch?
Girl: Naw yer awryt.
Boy: Fine then bitch!
by huni buni November 13, 2005
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'Are ye winchin' her?'
by Kate-o January 5, 2004
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"your just being a winch!"
by kickinbruce! January 1, 2008
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The nickname of the small town in Massachusetts named Winchendon.
Where do you live? I live in the Winch dude!
by Cartman392 February 4, 2008
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when one inhales another persons fart gas
i accidently winched in matt's fart gas.
by Dr. Dre February 21, 2003
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to be dragged into a situation, most of the time unwittingly, that you otherwise wouldn't necessarily want to be a part of

-from "winch", a device installed on the front of a watercraft trailer, consisting of a reel of cable turned by a motor, with a hook at the end of the cable, to pull in a boat or other marine vehicle from out of the water.
"Todd and his gf won't be able to join the rest of us at the cottage for the long weekend, somehow they got winched into helping his sister move.....suckers!!"
by hipster April 22, 2007
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Winching is when you take a big poo poo and that hot steamy nugget of shit you produced has to be evaluated and measured in diameter, weight, and most of all, surface area.

We do not measure such a delicate life form in cm or in kg because it doesn't have the right definition to explain the hugeness of your poo.

Rumors say that the genus world record holder is Damian up at 69 winch.

But, only You can decide if that statement true or not. So next time you sit on the potty, Don't just flush it away. Winch it. WINCH IT HARD!!
"hey bro, you winch?"
"yeah mate. i have yet to beat 21"
by Eddie Smurfy August 19, 2020
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