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A two seater convertible manufactured by Honda of Japan. Currently the highest reving mass produced engine in the world. Known to elicit great joy and excitement from drivers who push the RPMS to 9K. World class handling and a superb 6 speed gearbox define this automotive marvel. Its 2 liter engine makes an incredible 240 HP which helps this car dominate the competition in the twisties. A force to be reckoned with and a purists dream come true. The best bang for the buck bar none.
Matt powerdrifted through the twisties in his S2000 which left the lame ricers in the dust.
by Matt February 08, 2004
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The best thing Honda has done since the ITR and NSX-R. Best HP to Liter of any car ever. Come on now, we have to give Honda some props from gettin' 240ps out of a 2.0 liter inline four. There are many names for the Honda S2000, such as Sduce, S2k, S2, 2k, and I'm sure there are more, but those are the ones used most often. Also, not many cars can redline at 9k, even ones with 8 more cyliners, so again. Honda got it right with the S2k. If you're thinking of getting an EVO or STi, I may think twice, 'cause not many cars can redline at 9k and have a 6spd and can put their top down. Plus the sex appeal of the S2k is right up there with Ferrari. Most people even think it has a V6 or V8, which I think is pretty funny. I've never really been a fan of Honda, except for the s2k, ITR, and NSX R. The s2k was a great addition to the family in 2000.
"Fuckin' S2000s, I can't keep up even though I'm runnin' 65psi and NOS in my 5.0 V18 super back!"
by huh?ohokethn February 01, 2005
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the best performance car out of all the car line in Honda,sadly,word has it that the S2000 will be dropped in 2006...for what?..who knows?...but can be turbo'd up to 390HP with a such a light body it'd easly be a Boxer Killer and mega chick magnet
i test drived a s2000 without any chrome wheels and yet lots of Hot & adorable ladies said it was a "Cute Car" a million times.

"390HP S2000,Good bye WRX!!,piece of junk boxer,2005 Mustang,Sorry u have to put down payments down on that!!"

"S2000 drop'd for what?!?..its Put honda on the MAP,wtf!!!"
by homeboy September 05, 2005
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