An authoritative intellectual, with discernment. He's thoughtful, honest, makes sound decisions, & gives great advice. Hence, Wise Counselor/Judge. He values mind, body, & spirit above all as he strives to prevail. When he falls short, he uses no excuses. Despite being called obnoxious & pretentious, he's down to earth, genuine, & hopes to inspire others to be true to self vs. conform with the norm. He takes pride in assuming responsibility, serving his faith, and offering all praise to whom ONLY he seeks acceptance, ALLAH. Daily, he's improving in discipline, hard work, talent, ambition, willpower, confidence, courage, charisma, charity, compassion, courtesy, chivalry, & respect. He is loyal to loved ones, & generous enough to give his last. His laughter is as infectious as his solemn. He's a leader. He condemns violence, but can be brutally vicious if provoked. He adorns Allah's armor. Thus, he usually overcomes adversity. He embraces challenges. He's introspective. For hobby, he analyzes life & writes in retrospect. He has few friends as most others get frustrated by critical thinking. He's resolved & content with his small inner circle. It enables him to preserve the integrity of his thoughts vs. diluting or contaminating them with the toxic views of mainstream. He believes his body is his temple & mind the key to free him from shackles of mental or physical bondage. Most importantly, he strives to follow the guide of prophet Muhammad. MPBUH & to all who read this. MPBUY.
HAKIM Hakim is amongst one of the realest men I know. He's surely the 8th wonder.
by Get Outcha Feelings March 25, 2019
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Hakim the name of an amazing man. He is strong and has a good sense of humor. He will always search for the right lady and treat her like a princess. If ur lucky he could be ur snack😉💦. He is a tiny bit and active he is very smart who know what he’s doing and has good advice . He has 2 sides of him. He’s very charming and will talk to you the whole day and never leave u alone he’s is a amazing person. My advice is that if your with him as a couple ur are very very lucky and if ur not get together he will always try to make new friends and is really funny and can say very good jokes. He fights as a proper man and doesn’t want to fight for real only play fighting because he is unsure how to punch or attack but has an amazing defence and will grow up to make mone and be the next Muhammad Ali .
Hakim is a mysterious but extraordinary and curious boy .
by Anonymous ‼️‼️ November 11, 2018
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A guy who gives zero fucks about anything. Always get himself in trouble but always find a way to escape. Love all types of music genres. The more boring he gets the more crazy things he does. Make jokes just to cheer people around him and annoys everyone in the same time. He doesn't always smile. A clever student but too lazy . In arabic Hakim means "The Wise "
Wow that is very clever we should call you al-hakim
by Took an L December 27, 2016
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A very tall and charming guy who have loves to smile.

Someone who is loving and caring for others. Never fails to make a person happy especially theif love ones. He can be annoying especially when he gets bored. He tends to get over dramatic when he is nervous.
There is a word which is called wise which in Islam is called "Hakim"
by RosesAmongThorns January 2, 2018
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A slang word for marijuana, originating from the person with the same name
Have you got any Hakim?

Yeah, I've got an 8th. 20 quid?
by Sampat July 14, 2008
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Very buff and attractive BUT is a major player! tries to get with ever girl and flirts with them. He has many tricks to get them and is a good liar! He can make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world but can easily replace you in seconds. He makes you fall in love with him in seconds but you shouldnt trust him. He is very sweet and kind but dont forget he is hot and dangerous!
girl-damn he's fine! what's his name?
girl 2-you don't want to get with him, he's hakim.
by FckLoveLiveLife January 8, 2012
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