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A philosophy that people should act in order to increase the frequency and longevity of pleasure throughout the world. Although the idea acting to increase long-term and global pleasure sounds desirable, Utilitarians believe that the pleasure of many outweigh pleasure of few. A Utilitarian may believe that killing one person in order to increase the pleasure of many or killing someone and harvesting their organs would be a just action. Some Utilitarians have seen that this can be dangerous; many Utilitarians, because of this, follow a slightly different ideology that they should act to increase the frequency and longevity of pleasure throughout the world by following the best social standards.
People who believe in Utilitarianism believe that it is all right to kill one person, take their organs and distribute them to many.
by DesPERRYado November 01, 2004
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A collectivist moral philosophy which states that the moral worth of an action is directly dependant upon how much pleasure or good that action brings upon others. It is the belief in the most good for the most people. Under this moral philosophy the person exists solely to serve the community. According to Utilitarianism the person has no value, only the people do.
Communism is the philosophy of Utilitarianism put into practice as a socio-economic means of organizing society.
by GaleryonTheMystic December 08, 2007
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