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East Bay punk rock variant of hella. First 'literary' usage documented: lyrics to 'At Gilman Street' by the Mr. T Experience, ca. 1988. (See below)
"And if the band is helluv rad
Tim will start to bounce his head
The kids will jump up on the stage
And knock the microphone in your face"
by MeanDean May 15, 2005
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A combination of "hell" and "of" originating in the San Francisco Bay Area, particularly the Berkeley/Oakland area. Often mispronounced or spelled hella, predominately by people from the San Jose area who want to cool.
1. Used to indicate large quantities
2. An exclamation to voice agreement
3. Used as an intensifier
1. Last night I drank helluv beers last night and now I am hung over.

2. Bob: Going to the show tonight?

3. That chick is helluv hot.
by yoshio June 21, 2007
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