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The belief that the state is an unecessary oppressive institution that infringes upon the personal liberties of the individual. Anarchists believe that if the state were to collapse, and all means of social and economic organization were left up to the individual, people would associate freely amongst each other and practice more efficent or more favorable socio-economic organizational tactics without the intervention of an external coercive authority.
Proponents of anarchism include Proudhon, Goldman, Chomsky, and Bakunin who are among some of the most famous anarchist philosophers.
by GaleryonTheMystic December 8, 2007
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The opposite of individualism. The belief or socio-economic policy which states that the interests of the collective outweigh the interests of the individual and that the individual exists solely to serve the collective. Under collectivism the individual is subordinate to the collective.
Utilitarianism, Communism, and to some extent all statist philosophies practice collectivism.
by GaleryonTheMystic December 8, 2007
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Communism is a collectivist Utilitarian socio-economic political philosophy. Authoritarian in nature, Communism seeks to abolish private property, social classes, racism, religion, and nationalism. Communist states establish a bureacratic command economy in which the means of production are owned and operated by the state. Thus the main responsibility of the Communist state is to allocate and redistribute resources and products so as to create a society in which all resources are distributed evenly throughout the populous.
The Soviet Union practiced an offshoot of Marxism that can be referred to as Authoritarian Communism.
by GaleryonTheMystic December 8, 2007
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The most logical theological position to take. The belief that god does not exist.
An example of Atheism? I don't know what to put here.
by GaleryonTheMystic December 8, 2007
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by GaleryonTheMystic January 20, 2008
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The belief in the necessity of an external coercive institutional authority. Statists may believe that the practical value of a state outweighs the moral discrepencies associated with statism, and therefore many believe that although the state may be an "immoral" institution it is a practical and necessary one. As to what responsibilities the state should have is a topic often times debated amongst proponents of statism.
Communism and Capitalism are both statist socio-economic means of organization both relying upon the cooperation and subordination of society to function. As of now there is very little or no land not currently under the influence of statism as nearly all land is under the influence of a country.
by GaleryonTheMystic December 8, 2007
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A collectivist moral philosophy which states that the moral worth of an action is directly dependant upon how much pleasure or good that action brings upon others. It is the belief in the most good for the most people. Under this moral philosophy the person exists solely to serve the community. According to Utilitarianism the person has no value, only the people do.
Communism is the philosophy of Utilitarianism put into practice as a socio-economic means of organizing society.
by GaleryonTheMystic December 8, 2007
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