A good and charming person. An all around good friend, some one who is reliable to talk to. Laughs & smiles alot and cherishes friends. Very unique and appealing. Treats everyone with respect. Great in bed. Has a big penis
by destroyerofthings1234 January 28, 2020
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Uriel is a kind person and Uriel is nicest guy you will ever meet. He is super attractive and caring. He is the perfect man. If you ever find yourself a Uriel don't ever let him go. When you are with him you won't be able to stop from smiling and he can always make you laugh. Hours feel like seconds when you are with him and it would be anyone's dream come true to be able to call him theirs. He makes friends with everyone but sometimes has people he hates. He is a very smart kid. He is sometimes emotional, He gives the best hugs in the world and when you are in his arms you don't want him to ever let go. when you finally have to go you don't want to do anything but wish that he was with you and time takes forever to pass until you meet again.He tends to be bipolar most of the time even though he's just playing. Tells the truth about himself 100% of the time even though some people neglect him. Always has a 9.5-11.5 inch penis at the age of 16. Has some awesome friends and loves all of them. He is an awesome lover in bed and knows how to treat a women
Uriel is awesome
by Durvalus January 8, 2018
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Uriel is an arch angel and is very funny.
A Person with heroism, often followed.Treat females well in bed, and extremely sexy. Somone with a sense of humor, and is hated on alot. Best dresser anywhere antended, which attracts bad vibes from other males. Many wants to be , and lie to be. Uriel is often a Hispanic gangbanger and females also name him a hit it and quit it. Uriel attracts many people and has many freinds. Uriel is usually Hispanic male, and has a lot to say about everything.
He gets so caught up into Uriel , he forgot who he really is.

"Uriel is so smoothe", said sandy
by GRiMEY BOYYY October 13, 2011
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Uriel the typical guy everyone loves but people can’t relate too they have a sense of humor that not one can understand until you figure out what type of Uriel you have
I can’t understand my Uriel”
by El italiano 57 September 23, 2021
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The funniest angel in the Garrison. Ask anyone!

Uriel is also kind of a dick.
Uriel is the funniest angel in the Garrison. Ask anyone.
by kdanger August 3, 2010
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