A soccer player that plays really bad
That match was like 22 Uriels on the pitch
by October 24, 2020
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Gay little kid who starts cussing when he dies in r6 then blaims it on Diego even do he is carrying him.
by Dthishere December 25, 2019
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a cringey,spoiled kid

he is always flexing on the broke bois and poor people
he is flexing on you right now in this very moment no cap
is that uriel? why does he have new shoes every week and why is he making a dubsmash how many followers does he have on tik tok hes mad cringey lol
by gay el December 12, 2019
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Very attractive, sensitive, & emotional

loyal but flirty. Great in bed, a good friend, some one who is reliable to talk to. Laughs & smiles alot and cherishes friends. Very unique and appealing. Loyal to the wrong people, often ends up hurt but, covers it up with laughs.
Urielle looks nice today.
by Urielle December 17, 2014
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verb: "to "kill" or stomp a trick", adj: a thing of beauty

Uriell is of Hebrew origin and means "angel of light". Uriells are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside and EXTREMELY sexy (hence the breaking of men's necks as they walk down the street); they tend to light up any room when they enter it; usually natural athletes and have a great sense of humor to boot; skills tend to include dancing, snowboarding, hucking mt. bikes, bo staff skills, chemistry skills, and organic farming skills.
Wow, that sunrise was Uriell.

You just Uriell(ed) that jib bro!
by ffej noslrac March 6, 2010
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Uriel is a kind person. He makes friends with everyone but sometimes has people he hates. He is a very smart kid but there is always a white kid smarter than him. He is sometimes emotional. He tends to be bipolar most of the time even though he's just playing. Tells the truth about himself 100% of the time even though some people neglect him. Always has a 9.5-11.5 inch penis at the age of 17 and is always Mexican, he tends to have a 8 inch penis at the age of 15 until he's 17. Has some awesome friends and loves all of them. He is an awesome lover in bed and knows how to treat a women in bed!
Oh...He's uriel.
by MiniClipz89 March 18, 2009
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