A Kid That is Mexican and is kinda annoying but is very charming if you get to know him he is sometimes smart but has some bad/awkward moments has a friend named Bernard and is very open about himself. He always tells the truth even if people think its Bulls@*&. He likes women and they are attracted to him he does not know it but at the age of 15 he will have an 5.5 inch dick and the age of 17 he will have an 11.2 inch dick all natural even though hes only about to turn 13 in febuary
by Urbandictionary       January 25, 2019
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uriel aka uriel#0001 is a very sexy hot caring mexican with natural curls and very nice biceps and very strong and tall and very loyal he has the best ogusers and is fucking rich in bitcoin and has a 11.5 inch dick and is SUPER GOOD in bed.
uriel will dick u down instantly
by uriel838392929 July 17, 2021
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Uriel drunk is the highest level of drunk you can achieve. Must be blacked out and be able to stay up for hours after to achieve.
Damn he was pretty drunk but he wasn't uriel drunk.
by Shdksjsdjd November 27, 2016
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Having intimate gay sex with gatlin, and bubba in a conga line while playing anything
God, uriels fetish is so weird. I wish he would stop fucking Gatlin and Bubba in the mic
by le_lion_kang June 29, 2021
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Is a fuckboy that likes to play with girls feelings & ask for nudes

Never mess with him he's a pice of shit
by Was up people March 6, 2017
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The name says it. You cant say no. You need to give it to them sadly. Im sorry...
It happens on 10/25 each year.
Friend: What day is it?
Uriel: GIVE IT NOW!!!
by HappyPixel October 18, 2020
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Handsome and very good with words. A great artist. Family-oriented and God-fearing. Would not easily give up even though his in pain. Very caring and understanding. Never fails to impress his lover that it will made them tear up because of happiness. Animal lover. Will do anything for his loved ones. A man with culture, discipline and respect. Would quickly made up with you if things go wrong. Sensitive, very sensitive. Very loving. Horny. Dig bick.
by Mirasól August 18, 2021
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