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1.The action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.

2.the action of presenting a proposal, application, or other document for consideration or judgment
1. "They were forced into submission"
2."Reports should be prepared for submission at partners' meetings"
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by Ashlyn Marez June 19, 2016
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When you meet with someone without anyone knowing except you and the person.
by Timbs March 08, 2017
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To submit is either to

1) Quit or give in due to pain or insurmountable/over whelming pressure

2) To hand something in
"Oh dear God this hurts, I submit, holy shit, I submit"

"Loser, by submission is..."

"I submitted my homework to you a week ago"

"Applications must be submitted in 3 days"
by A speaker's curtain November 02, 2006
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When you are on a desperate trip for food from Subway, and you will not settle or give up until that certain food (none other) is in your stomach, hence the "mission" part.
"Need a scran, I'm feeling a Submission"
by Maxim_G-Star November 12, 2009
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A move made by a man on a woman to subdue her for strictly sexual purposes.
Jake: Hey did you see that wicked submission I put on that chick last night?

Walter: Yeah, she stopped screaming right away.
by /b/ anon123 February 08, 2010
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An act of humiliation and self-abasement before unapproachable authority figures.
The good-natured Word Freak offered a submission to Urban Dictionary.

Word Freak’s submission was rejected by the Powers That Be, so WF read the UD guidelines, and offered his submission again.

Word Freak is seeking psychiatric help to deal with his OCD Multiple Submission Problem
by GetOffaMyLawn June 03, 2017
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