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Abbrevation of UrbanDictionary
Why say UrbanDictionary when you can say UrbDic
by jordandw July 08, 2005
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Short form of Urban Dictionary. Used when chatting online or between fellow communists.
Zlad: "Wowza, that dirty slut was taking that Hot Karl face first!"
Boris: "What is a Hot Karl?"
Vyacheslav: "Boris you need to get your Urb Dic up!"
by Johnny Rockets November 23, 2005
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An abbreviation referring to the popular internet website "" The terminology is commonly utilized by those who are trying to "keep it real."
Pronounced "Herb-dick."
"Yo dog, I don't know what Urb Dic means, so imma go on Urb Dic and find out."
by FlagrantZulu January 01, 2010
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1. noun ~ Short for Urban Dictionary.
2. adjective ~ someone who is addicted to Urban Dictionary.
~ can also be "urbdic", without fancy capital letters.
1. "Find that definition on UrbDic."
"How many definitions for "hipster" are on urbdic?!"
2. "I can't stop looking stuff up! I'm a complete UrbDic."
by squirple June 18, 2013
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1. (v) The act of adding a word to

2. (n) Abbreviation of
1. Redic?! Yo, go urb-dic that shit!

2. You checked the urb-dic word of the day, yet? That shit is funny
by StampedCrane August 28, 2006
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(verb): to post a definition on the online dictionary Urban Dictionary; the act of posting a definition on Urban Dictionary
Did you know they don't have the definition for nerjiggles on Urban Dictionary? We should urbdic it.
by Salzburg July 17, 2007
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