Abbreviation of urban dictionary

Why have a regular dictionary when you can have urbdic
Regular dictionaries are lame
Urbdic is the sh*t
by LittleLaurie September 02, 2020
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a slang reference for the urban dictionary website. A derogatory term used when urbandictionary.com hates on you and your defined word and does not post it.
john was pissed off when urbdic didn't post his defiition of the slang term, "gooey goggles".
by koboldakawillywonkanuts December 17, 2007
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Contributers, readers and fans of urbandictionary.com
Imagine all the urb dics it took to get this site to where it is now!
by nomekea August 16, 2010
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The ultimate learning spot for todays enhanced vocabulary.
Hey Scottie, have you got your new word from the Urb Dic?
by bizyman June 10, 2010
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abbreviation for urban dictionary often used on instant messengers
im on urb dic
Caraararaa says:
hOt_sLuT101 says:
urban dictionary
hOt_sLuT101 says:
hOt_sLuT101 says:
go look it up
by hotslut May 20, 2008
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