(verb): to post a definition on the online dictionary Urban Dictionary; the act of posting a definition on Urban Dictionary
Did you know they don't have the definition for nerjiggles on Urban Dictionary? We should urbdic it.
by Salzburg July 18, 2007
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a slang reference for the urban dictionary website. A derogatory term used when urbandictionary.com hates on you and your defined word and does not post it.
john was pissed off when urbdic didn't post his defiition of the slang term, "gooey goggles".
by koboldakawillywonkanuts December 18, 2007
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A language invented by people too busy or lazy to write in simple English.
Danny texted in Urbdic finding more eloquent ,beautiful and multisylabic words a strain on his thumbs, and a waste of his precious time, thus he forgot how read English.
by Scttjhnstn January 8, 2018
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by arson_investigator January 21, 2021
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Well it's just this 1. Watermelon Sugar

2. Ghetto Spread

3. Girls who eat carrots

4. sorority squat

5. Durk

6. Momala

7. knocking

8. Dog shot

9. sputnik
10. guvy
11. knockin'
12. nuke the fridge
13. obnoxion
14. Eee-o eleven
15. edward 40 hands
16. heels up
17. columbus
18. ain't got
19. UrbDic
20. yak shaving
21. Rush B Cyka Blyat
22. Pimp Nails
23. Backpedaling
24. Anol
25. got that
26. by the way
27. Wetter than an otter's pocket
28. soy face
29. TSIF
30. georgia rose

Yep you remember that
This is too Trending on Urbdic
by Kayla Bayla June 8, 2021
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A person who does not have the balls to have a Urban Dictionary account and instead pressures Urban Dictionary contributors to define it’s crazy ass words.
Dudette : What the fuck is he saying?
Dude: He’s just some UrbDic Pimp, don’t mind him.
by AlabamaBaby March 21, 2021
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