the words that everyone who made a definition for after (or close to) November 16, 2019, only did to feed their fantasies of what Harry does behind closed doors despite it not being necessary to go that deep to enjoy the song.
Jason: Hey what does ‘watermelon sugar’ mean?
Magnus: I don’t know but if you look it up in urban dictionary then apparently it means eating pussy, eating ass, male cum, female cum, cocaine, heroine, marijuana, mushrooms... so no one knows.
by nevergotaname November 29, 2019
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The name for a type of street heroine that originated in Southern Georgia in the late 1990's. It is famous for it's initial fruity taste when originally placed under one's gums.
Yo, give me a nickle bag of watermelon sugar.
by Waxmoney February 26, 2018
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the world record for the longest word on trending
watermelon sugar:
2020: cool it’s trending!
2021:wow it’s still trending
by Teagoin February 6, 2021
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a word that has been trending on urban dictionary for the past like 2 years

also a harry styles song
person 1: did you see watermelon sugar got over 3 billion streams on spotify?
person 2: no way

person 1: why is watermelon sugar still trending on urban dictionary??
person 2: idk bro
by spicy cucumbers July 9, 2021
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Grammy winning hit summer pop sonng by the talented pop singer Harry Edward Styles.
dude 1: hey whats watermelon sugar even about?

dude 2: uhhhhh fruit..??

dude 1: its about sex innit

dude 2: yeAHHhhh......
by oat milk March 18, 2021
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a beautiful song by Harry Styles. which most likely has a different meaning than we all think
have you heard watermelon sugar? no? ohhhh right you must be a local.
by roms28 November 19, 2019
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