Doctors retrieved the mummified body and accidentally saw it's Urbdic
People have to say UrbDic because apparently Urban Dictionary takes too long to say.
by Mellon Collie May 16, 2021
It's supposed to be a abbreviation of "Urban Dictionary" but its mainly used by people who forgot how to spell dictionary
Person 1: "How do you spell Urban Dicshonarie?"

Person 2: "Just use UrbDic"
by Bluu_Definer July 29, 2021
May you please show me UrbDic?
by Jelacic April 27, 2021
"Get a WORD mug for your Role NameHere"
"Get the WORD neck gaiter and mug."
"I'm I pregnant? test"
"Online dating sites"
Me: GAHHHHH stop making cringy urbdic advertisements!!!
u r ban dikionary: