2 definitions by Miserable virgin

An abbreviation of "Urban Dictionary" but I always mistake it as "Ur big dick"
Me : Bro you know UrbDic?
Rick : You mean that site where everyone is talking about watermelon sugar and other stuffs
Me : well they give some pretty fun translations too. I've been laughinges for a while after seeing 'vaxhole'
by Miserable virgin April 13, 2021
A term used in cs:go by angry bear lords aka russians which roughly translates into "Rush B fucking bitches". Which means you're now supposed to follow the Russian guy to bombsite B as Terrorist,and get wiped out in a second. Somehow this term has been on 21st trending position since forever.
Player 1 : Bruh we lost 3 rounds in a row,what do we do?
Kolmogorov Fedorov : HOW ABOUT WE RUSH B CYKA BLYAT???????!!!
Player 1 : Oh boy,here we go again...
by Miserable virgin April 12, 2021