MOCO loves unloading all over chicks' faces and titties!
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2011
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A sad, depressed, suicidal Wal-mart employee who spends their days in the back room, damaging their bodies and sense of sanity to appease The fuhrer, Sam Walton.
Man 1: Shit, another truck? I hate being an unloader!
Man 3: **already hung himself**
by Jwall September 15, 2006
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To have an orgasm and release semen

Also see Spurt, Cum
keep sucking, im about to unload!!
by Johnny_C October 28, 2004
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To empty your sack, to explode, to empty your sperm ducts, the male orgasm.
Hey Gaff, you've got a big smile on your face - did you unload ?
by The Unloader November 12, 2010
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to use every possible insult you can when verbally lashing someone until they are completely and utterly served and owned. "Unload" refers to someone "unloading" a clip on someone with a gun, releasing all possible ammo into the other person, resulting death (probably.) This is pretty much the same, except verbally.
Person 1: "My girlfriend thought it would be cool to ask another guy to Prom, so I unloaded on her in front of everyone at lunch. I feel much better."
Person 2: " rocked her....I didn't know you had that much hate inside you...."
by David Smitty November 22, 2007
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To take a big shit.
Man, I ate a bunch of pancakes & now I have to unload.
by G_macon August 8, 2007
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To urinate. The term is regularly used in contexts when there's no toilet in sight.
Stop the car. I've had too much to drink and now I have to unload.
by stingo June 19, 2006
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