A United Statian (or simply Statian) is a person from the United States of America, since the term American refers to any person in the western hemisphere.

As the example above points out, if there was a country in Africa called "United States of Africa" then anyone from Africa would be an African not just people from that country.

Here is also another example; people from the United Arab Emirates are called "Emiratis" why aren't they called "Arabs" if they have the term Arab in their name? simply, because it overlaps with the other Arabs, in the same way the term American only to refer to US citizens overlaps with all the other Americans.
The United Statian (State-ian) government has declared war on Iraq.

Statians are among the friendliest people in the world.
by Corregidor June 17, 2008
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Most NON-English speaking countries, specially in Latin America and Europe, refer to people from the USA as "Estadounidenses", "Etats-Uniens", etc. (United Statian) which is the right way to call them, because anyone who's born in the American Contienent, it's an American.

It's like if there was a country in Europe, named United States of Europe, and they auto call themselves "Europeans", anyone how lived in Europe would be an European, not just people from that country; in the same way, anyone who lives in America(s) is an American not just people from the USA.
Todos somos Americanos, desde Canada hasta Argentina, y los Estadounidences no tienen derecho de tomar nuestro nombre.

Where are all Americans, from Canada to Argentina, and the United Statians have no right to take our name.
by elbarto May 18, 2007
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A term used by inhabitants of Central and South America (and more recently, guilt-ridden American liberals toeing the PC line and people who think that Americans are completely unaware of the outside world) to refer to the citizens of the USA.

Usually, it's followed by the dubious explanation that "America is a continent, not a country" (never mind that much of the world counts it as two and the exact definition of "continent" is fuzzy), the charge that "they're just ignorant" (never mind that, again, Americans count it as 2, and contrary to popular belief, they ARE taught basic Geography in school), and/or cries of "they have no right to the name" (never mind that the USA gained its independence a solid 30 years before any other country on either continent, 50 years or more before most, not to mention that French Guyana and number of outlying islands are STILL under European control, or the fact that the USA is the only country that actually has "America" in its name).

The fact remains that in most languages and in most countries, "America" without any qualifiers refers to the USA, not the continent(s) or whatever shit stain country these people are so ashamed to admit that they're from that they feel the need to co-opt someone else's denonym and get mad at them for using it first. I've never seen a Canadian do it, probably because Canada is awesome, and even if they did, Canadians aren't douchey enough to insist that their way is the only way.
"I'm going to base my judgement of 330 million people on a few stupid United Statians that I've either interacted with or just seen on television"

"Those stupid United Statians call football 'soccer'"
by MidnightSubmarine October 11, 2016
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People born in Mexico are Mexicans, in Canada, Canadians, France, French...People born in the United States are "Americans". All people born in North and South America, which are continents, are "Americans" - United Statians would be better suited to describe someone born in the United States.
People born in Mexico are Mexicans...People born in the United States are United Statians - both are "Americans"
by BrownStruggle August 04, 2007
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People from Saoudi Arabia are Saoudis. Not arabians or arabs.
America is a continent, not a country.
Latin america already calls them that.
Every kid in Canadia is confused whenever they hear Americans on the television, until their parents tell them United Statians have an ego( that only Kanye West, coincidently another United Statian, rivals) so enormous that they have to take the name of the entire continent they live in.
Also see: Canadia
George: Dear, those damned United Statians make me wish we lost world war II after all.
Clara: Their ego is probably causing global warming.
Samantha: They don't even realize that the higher IQ States vote for democrats and lower IQ ones vote for republicans, how can they be so proud of a nation that most of the time is run by stupidity?
Laurence: Want some more weed, George?
George: Sure. And let's get back to what we were doing earlier, lets not forget men in Canadia get at least three cultured and hot women to do their bidding.
Women: As you wish, my lord!


Ermanno: Esos americanos son estúpidos.
Alejandro: ¡También es! Tiene que decir: estadounidenses. ¡Pendejo!
Rodriguez: ¡Carabra! ¡Arriba Riba! ¡Tekila!
by BillBraskyKing February 16, 2010
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I just wanted to point out the Spanish word "Estadaunidenses" which is a real word (unlike "United Statians") but is the same thing (rather than "Americanos" which is almost never used to mean people from the USA).
United Statians are cool.
by spacecoyote17 July 05, 2007
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A polemical term used to describe people from the United States of America. For historic and cultural reasons, people from the States refer to themselves as "Americans", whereas in all of Latin America, the word "américano" refers to anyone from the Americas. Therefore Latin Americans refer to people from the States as "estadounidenses" (United Statians) rather than "americanos".

Due to Americans obliviousness of this issue of transcendence in Latin America, a Chilean group has even written a song that describes American mentality when thinking of Latin America. It is entitled: “Latin America is a town south of the United States.”

Many Latin Americans would like to change the English term "American" to "United Statian" and the word "American" to refer of all people from the Americas (North, South and Central). It is an issue heatedly discussed in many forums on the internet.

Nick: Why do Latin Americans want to call us United Statians?
Jen: I think they´ve got a bit of an inferiority complex, I´ve never had a Canadian challenge my definition of "American".
by Maeskizzle July 09, 2007
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