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Gopnik capital of the world, also a place where a meteorite exploded that one time.
Guy 1: I'm from Russia

Guy 2: Moscow?

Guy 1: Chelyabinsk

Guy 2: oh the place where the meteorite exploded in 2015, must've been terrifying comrade.
by K-Dogg1 November 17, 2021
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Indie folk for people who never heard The Microphones or Neutral Milk Hotel
Guy 1: man I love indie folk

Guy 2: like The Lumineers

Guy 1: nah I listen to real indie folk like The Microphones and Neutral Milk Hotel

Guy 2: Neutral what Hotel?
by K-Dogg1 September 1, 2021
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People on the internet that think they're Sherlock Holmes but are actually pure fucking cancer.
Web sleuths thought Brian Loundrie was hiding out in his house and his parents were helping him when the dude was dead the whole fucking time.
by K-Dogg1 November 13, 2021
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A nice little resort town that would be a great vacation destination for the whole family.
Me: let's go fishing at the lake near Silent Hill.

My friend: i don't know man, I heard weird shit happens there!
by K-Dogg1 June 17, 2019
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A British power electronics (subgenre of industrial music) group, known for controversial lyrics and imagery, which portrayed sadistic sex, rape, misogyny, serial murder, eating disorders, child abuse, neo-nazi fetishism and other forms of violence and abjection.
Pleb: Nine Inch Nails are my favorite industrial band.

Patrician: oh yeah, you know Whitehouse?

Pleb: isn't that where the president of the U.S. lives?

Patrician: no, I mean the power electronics band Whitehouse, now face the feast of powder, and wriggle like a fucking eel!!!
by K-Dogg1 August 3, 2020
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Music that's like an abusive relationship, it always hurts you, but you keep going back to anyway.

Ex: Red House Painters, Slowdive, and The Smiths
I really need to stop listening to abusive music, but it's so difficult to quit.
by K-Dogg1 June 17, 2019
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Shitty, minimalist, and soulless art style made popular by Kroger, and now it's everywhere.
Even Urban Dictionary is using the corporate art style aesthetic (joke)
by K-Dogg1 October 3, 2021
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