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People from Saoudi Arabia are Saoudis. Not arabians or arabs.
America is a continent, not a country.
Latin america already calls them that.
Every kid in Canadia is confused whenever they hear Americans on the television, until their parents tell them United Statians have an ego( that only Kanye West, coincidently another United Statian, rivals) so enormous that they have to take the name of the entire continent they live in.
Also see: Canadia
George: Dear, those damned United Statians make me wish we lost world war II after all.
Clara: Their ego is probably causing global warming.
Samantha: They don't even realize that the higher IQ States vote for democrats and lower IQ ones vote for republicans, how can they be so proud of a nation that most of the time is run by stupidity?
Laurence: Want some more weed, George?
George: Sure. And let's get back to what we were doing earlier, lets not forget men in Canadia get at least three cultured and hot women to do their bidding.
Women: As you wish, my lord!


Ermanno: Esos americanos son estúpidos.
Alejandro: ¡También es! Tiene que decir: estadounidenses. ¡Pendejo!
Rodriguez: ¡Carabra! ¡Arriba Riba! ¡Tekila!
by BillBraskyKing February 16, 2010

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