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Most NON-English speaking countries, specially in Latin America and Europe, refer to people from the USA as "Estadounidenses", "Etats-Uniens", etc. (United Statian) which is the right way to call them, because anyone who's born in the American Contienent, it's an American.

It's like if there was a country in Europe, named United States of Europe, and they auto call themselves "Europeans", anyone how lived in Europe would be an European, not just people from that country; in the same way, anyone who lives in America(s) is an American not just people from the USA.
Todos somos Americanos, desde Canada hasta Argentina, y los Estadounidences no tienen derecho de tomar nuestro nombre.

Where are all Americans, from Canada to Argentina, and the United Statians have no right to take our name.
by elbarto May 18, 2007
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