AK rowdy rowdy north side summit county.... the area code of kings... king james! and funky cold medina. And that is just the tip of the iceberg, baby!
330? Medina? That rhymes with vagina! (like we've never heard that before"
by AKrowdyDUH November 19, 2009
The area code for the North East Ohio Valley. Aka, hell.
"i live in the 330,i hate it !"
by AJ System March 30, 2010
A reference to Akron and surrounding suburbs; those who use the area code 330. Typically used either in a joking manner or by a total douche. Used mostly by college kids returning home.

Ben: You live in Akron?
Nick: Hell yeah, reppin' tha dirty 330.
by AKrowdy4lyfe April 28, 2011
The rickroll number you call when you feel bad.
Because everybody loves to get rickrolled.
hey im feeling bad
*calls 778-330-2389*
i feel better now
by RealJamesSchmurr December 3, 2018
Nombre con el que se conoce al pueblo Premià de Mar en el mundo del hip hop por la termniación de su código postal 08330
Término popularizado por los Problemátikos
Pronunciado como "La Tres Tres Cero" / "La Tres Trenta"
La 330 está que arde mi loko, pila de buenos artistas
by elmago330 April 17, 2020