Strapping a dildo to your head and charging full throttle and drilling the recipient in the vagina or anus.
by Diamond Cutter (Pres) January 20, 2005
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Its when you place a hard penis on someones forehead. The balls will also be resting on their head. It resembles a unicorn. Placing a soft penis on someones head is baby unicorning. And if this takes place in a pool or water it is known as narwhaling.
During a party you find a passed out person and place your hard dick on their forehead, balls at the base of the forehead, this is known as unicorning.
by KPUSF January 17, 2014
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A sexual theatrical play where one partner attaches a strap on dildo and proceeds to penetrate the receiving partner with said dildo strap on.
Buddy: how was the white knuckler last night?
Me: she was into some wierd shit. I had to put a strap on my head, unicorning the fuck out of her
by Doctor_chang.aka.hung-lo January 9, 2014
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going into a fast food place and getting a ice-cream cone then smashing it on your forhead then walking out
walker barnett went too chickfilla and smashed a ice-cone on his forhead

as his died friends died watching him go unicorning
by the unicornerererr September 6, 2011
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A unicorn orgasm is like the greatest orgasm ever. Your body/parts of your body go numb. You have muscle spasms that last longer than the sex. It lasts longer than your average joe or orgasms and you don't think it'll ever stop. It's almost like you black out and go to a different world for that period of time. Sometimes you cry after. Your whole body is tense and relaxed at the same time. And you feel like a teenager again because you don't want to stop. It's. That. Good.
If you're not unicorning , then your partner needs to learn sex .
by Unicorning July 20, 2017
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The act of running around naked with an erection.
This guy got so drunk last night, i saw him unicorning through the street!
by Unicorners August 19, 2011
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The act of taking an ice-cream cone with ice cream on it and applying it to the forehead, then taking said cone and penetrating a woman either anally or vaginally.
Brent was unicorning Alexis for hours last night.
by Dr. Ares November 9, 2015
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