a magical horse with a horn on the middle o its forehead that missed noahs arks boarding!
kid: oh look mom its a sparkly horse!
mom: oh no sweetie thats a unicorn.
teenager: nope.. that has to be edward cullen as a horse...
by blllleeeeeeeeeeep May 18, 2011
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A bisexual but single female in a swingers party.
"Hey look... is that a unicorn over by the bar?"
by sueeey June 17, 2013
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Unicorns are a creature supposed to be mythical. The ones in myths are typically breathtakingly beautiful, and their horns are known to have magical properties. Unicorn blood will keep a person alive, or immortal even. While this type is not real, there is a unicorn that is. It is actually rather ugly, with no magical powers, but it is the national animal of Scotland. Look this up; you’ll see it’s true.

Other small fact: Marco Polo thought rhinos were unicorns!
by Ok hun September 13, 2019
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a trio of unwordly proportions. spawned from montreal, canada, this threesome makes more infectious synth pop than you could ever hope to.
After seeing The Unicorns live, i knew my life was then complete.
by bri June 23, 2004
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It's when you lay down flat on you back, face up, with a dildo suctioned to your forehead, and your partner squats down over your head, and inserts the dildo into one of their orafaces, then bounces up and down over you while singing The Irish Rovers, The Unicorn Song.
by Yankee Cranker February 6, 2015
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Term frequently used at Dickinson College to refer to a beautiful, unobtainable crush with whom the likelihood of hooking up is akin to stumbling upon a unicorn in a mythical forest. Many a student will attempt to capture said unicorn but such efforts are nearly always fruitless, leaving the unicorn untouchable and free to gallop through campus unrestrained in its magical beauty.
Look! I see my unicorn across the caf. I almost talked to them at Alabi's this weekend
by Suckmyskittles March 3, 2015
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the most majestical and amazing creature to be in existence ever.
you performed really well, like a unicorn
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