When one has just one boob...
Hey, "Uniboober" whazzup???
by Sparkark June 16, 2009
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When it looks like you have one massive breast. This usally happens when a girl wears a sports bra or one of those tank tops with the shelf bra.
The guys at the Gym like to stare at my uniboob.
by Emily Z. February 17, 2006
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Condition when a woman wears a tight lycra fitted tube top for exercising and looses form of two boobs to just one
Check you the girl with the uniboob.
by Chevyfan October 31, 2003
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When a woman's bra isn't very supportive and doesn't separate, squeezing the boobs together, thus forming the appearance of one large boob. This usually happens with sports bras.
She needs to go to Victoria's Secret and fix that uniboob!
by Kristina5979 April 29, 2008
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When a larger chested woman wears a sports bra it is tremendously restricting. It is described as -- A large lump of two breasts squeezed together by the wearing of a sports bra. The end result is that the woman's breasts no longer have the "Lift and Separate" affect. Therefore causing the appearance of "One Boob".
Have you seen the new girl? ....She always has a serious case of uniboob...
by Rock\m/On89 August 31, 2010
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an amorphous undelineated mass of tit, often caused by old age sagginess or bras that squish them together. in theory, it could be a single cycloptic tit.
i think george bush sould have a huge uniboob implanted on his forehead.
by minghi May 23, 2003
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A case of the rare condition called symmastia, in which a woman's two breasts literally grow together and join in the middle of the chest, so it looks like a single dumbell-shaped breast across the chest. It can be a congenital condition or a complication arising from breast augmentation surgery.
Lisa's plastic surgery went very wrong. Now she has a uniboob.
by capologist July 16, 2009
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