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When a woman's bra isn't very supportive and doesn't separate, squeezing the boobs together, thus forming the appearance of one large boob. This usually happens with sports bras.
She needs to go to Victoria's Secret and fix that uniboob!
by Kristina5979 April 29, 2008

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Discharge from a woman's vagina during a yeast infection, resembling cottage cheese. This has nothing to do with cleanliness.
"She needs some Monistat to get rid of that cottage cheese."
by Kristina5979 April 28, 2008

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Someone who has sex outdoors, particularly anonymous gay male sex.
Don was a total bush bunny at Marymoor Park last night!
by Kristina5979 April 29, 2008

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The time spent pissing while u r drinking.
Drunk #1: Where's Dave?
Drunk #2: He's between beers right now.
by Kristina5979 May 23, 2008

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The boom and bucket on a truck or van, designed to reach trees, phone lines, power lines, etc...
Jerry was up in the cherry picker while Dan set out the cones.
by Kristina5979 May 05, 2008

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When one leg of your pants is rolled up and the other is down. This is to avoid catching your pants in the chain side of the bicycle. Some just do this as a fashion statement. Extremely popular around Seattle.
Did you see the guy riding his Trek? Nice biker's leg!
by Kristina5979 May 01, 2008

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To spend the night at your bf/gf or hook-up's home. Stems from the fact that you need to park the car overnight.
Amy: "You didn't ask him to park did you?!"
Anna: "Sure I did, he's a babe!"
by Kristina5979 May 21, 2008

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