To have ones soul bought by someone or something. Combination of the words soul and sold.
Microsoft sould me. (ie: I sold my soul to Microsoft).
by Baerwb April 19, 2006
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background: created by two people that desperately need lives.
I really want his sould.
by Kasi & Kacy December 28, 2005
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The act of selling one's soul
That guy works in corporate he's sould
That board of directors they sould a long time ago
by Roger VanP February 25, 2020
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When someone sells their soul for money or material things.

See Also *Selling Out*.
I may not be rich or have a perfect body but at least I haven't Sould Out.
by Vin Nguyen April 11, 2017
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A phrase praised by 14 year old nibbis who want to marry their boyfriend but their boyfriend find them weird and left them, so they created this
Sho(u)lder (should)er s(ho)u(ld)er s(h)ould(er).

soulder er suer sould
by Big PP meanings December 9, 2020
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